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Looking for Rotisserie BBQ, Barbecue?

Then look no further!
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@katespanier: @BarbeSkew I tutted when my husband told me he had bought another barbecue. But yours is no normal barbecue. Thank you for making my summer.

Kate Spanier
16th August 2015
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Large Charcoal BarbeSkew
Best Selling Barbecue
  • 9x kebab skewers
  • 1x long skewer with meat clamps
  • 2x cage skewers
  • 1x half grill & 1x warming rack
  • £25.95 standard delivery
now £599



Charcoal BarbeSkew II
Ideal for Couples
small barbecue
  • 7x kebab skewers
  • 1x long skewer with meat clamps
  • 2x cage skewers
  • 1x traditional grill
  • £25.95 standard delivery
now £299



Gas BarbeSkew
World’s only Gas Rotisserie BBQ
gas barbecue
  • 9x kebab skewers
  • 1x long skewer with meat clamps
  • 2x cage skewers
  • 1x half grill & 1x half griddle plate
  • £25.95 standard delivery
now £699


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The BarbeSkew is the brainchild of Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Ed Wray. Whilst attending a Greek Cypriot barbecue, he asked where he could buy a rotisserie BBQ for his back garden and was told they were like ‘Gold Dust’. In 2007, Ed left the job he had been working at for 10 years and designed the BarbeSkew range. With all 3 models having a loyal fan base, there is a BarbeSkew for everyone. The Gas BarbeSkew is the only gas rotisserie barbeque in the world and its results are outstanding. If you prefer the traditional then the large Charcoal BarbeSkew has to be the best charcoal BBQ on the whole market. And for small patios, the Charcoal BarbeSkew II is a very flexible and smart addition to your patio. As one of the only British Barbecue Companies, find out for yourself why the BarbeSkew is the most raved about BBQ on the market. The Dragons’ were tempted by it, This Morning voted it the best barbeque and Scottish TV named it the McDaddy of all barbecues. We now have on board a famous celebrity, Peter Andre who purchased one recently. He’s the perfect candidate for our product as he is Australian (big barbecuers!), and also Greek Cypriot. He commented on his TV channel it was “awesome!” Type “BarbeSkew Review” into google and you will find the BarbeSkew is the top of every list. From the 1st May 2016, Mayo Engineering Ltd took over the rights and designs of the BarbeSkew brand. Mayo Engineering is a well-established company having traded for over 21 years and are already major exporters worldwide. This will enable Barbeskew to grow into one of the world leading BBQ manufacturers.
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