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See BarbeSkew at the Ideal Home Show, Earls Court, 11th to 27th March 2011

Ideal Home Show 2011 – March 11th-27th Earls Court London

BarbeSkew has decided this year for the first time to exhibit at The Ideal Homes Show in March 2011.

The Ideal Home Show is Britain’s biggest and longest running event, boasting a massive 250,000 visitors in attendance at each show.

We will be displaying all three models of the BarbeSkew, as shown below, and performing demonstrations on how easy it is to cook on the BarbeSkew, and how each model enables you to cook four different ways:

  • The large charcoal bbq grill, which enables you to lift and lower the charcoal tray to regulate the heat. You won’t see this on any other barbecue! First method of cooking is using the 9 short kebab skewers, which rotate automatically with the mains or battery motor.
  • Our propane gas barbecue grill, which is unique, because it’s the only one of its kind that mainly uses rotisserie. Second method of cooking is using the two large cage skewers to cook beef burgers, steaks, fish, sausages etc. Third method is using the large single skewer to cook a joint or chicken! All turn automatically by the battery motor.
  • The small portable bbq called BarbeSkew II, which is ideal for small gardens or a balcony! It’s very portable too, so you could put it in the back of the car and take it out for a spin, to either the park, beach or on a camping trip! Fourth method is the charcoal grill to convert it to a traditional bbq – the turn and burn method!

So if you want to see a BarbeSkew in action, then don’t delay, come along and see us! Also, watch out for any offers that may be available at the show!

BarbeSkew is also intending to exhibit at many other shows during the year. A list of all events will be displayed on our website shortly!

Full details of the show can be found at their website: http://www.idealhomeshow.co.uk/.

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