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large charcoal barbeskew

What You Get

charcoal barbecue

  • 9 x small skewers
  • 2 x cage skewers
  • 1 x long skewer
  • 1 x Temp gauge
  • 2 x UK transformers
  • 1 x heat rack
  • 1 x meat clamps
  • 1 x Half grill
  • All accessories have dishwasher friendly handles


barbecue innovation
All the kebabs/chicken/beef-burgers rotate automatically by two separate motors ensuring the food is cooked evenly without the usual burning that happens on traditional barbecues.

Special Features

The Large Charcoal model has a charcoal tray which winds up and down giving excellent heat control – a simple feature which once you’ve tried you’ll wonder why all barbecues aren’t design this way.

Relax or Use as Traditional BBQ

traditional barbecueNo need for anyone to have to keep on turning the food – the BarbeSkew does the job for you meaning you can sit down and relax and enjoy the occasion! But of course, if you like turning the food yourself – the BarbeSkew is supplied with a Half Grill which allows you to both grill traditionally and use half of the kebab skewers at the same time.

Moist and Succulent BBQ Food

barbecue foodThe rotation effect ensures the food is self-basting meaning the food comes off the BarbeSkew moist and juicy. It is the moisture in othe food that absorbs the smoke giving the food the real authentic smokey barbecue flavour.

British Company

BarbeSkew is a Great British Company selling its barbecues over the world including Australia! The other major brands of barbecue are all foreign-owned: Weber is American and Outback is Chinese.


One of the best purchases we’ve ever made! The BarbeSkew makes a huge difference when we’re entertaining outdoors and although we only bought it in September, we still managed to get plenty of use out of it. We even ‘BBSkewed’ on Bonfire Night! Jacket potatoes rotated are delicious when using it.
Karyn 17 Jan 2012

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