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BarbeSkew’s Chosen Charity

Happy House Charity£5,000 Donation to the Happy House Charity – BarbeSkew’s Chosen Charity www.childrenofwatamu.net

We first heard about this charity back in 2007 from our friends Marc & Thalia Venturi. They had met former Blackpool hotelier Sue Hayward, the founder the charity, whilst on holiday in Kenya. They were so bowled over by her plan to open her Happy House children’s home they wanted to help support her.

In Watamu there are a very high number of orphans, due to Aids, Malaria and many other diseases. If a child doesn’t die from a disease then they are usually abandoned because their parents can’t afford to feed them. They are either left to fend for themselves or with their siblings who are still children themselves.

Since 2007 Marc & Thalia have managed to support the charity with all kinds of donations; clothes, toiletries, toys etc and later holding various fund raising events and managing to raise thousands of pounds to help build the Happy House.

Prior to Ed Wray forming BarbeSkew, he was operations manager for one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world, and to help with the order for toiletries, Ed would buy at cost price lots of toothpaste and brushes for the charity.

After BarbeSkew was formed in 2007 we continued to support the Children of Watamu. We currently donate £1 for every BarbeSkew sold. We believe in this charity because of the sheer passion and determination of our friends, Sue Hayward and all her volunteers, and by the fact that every single penny goes direct to the charity and is not wasted on administration costs like so many other charities.

The smiles on the children's faces say it all

The smiles on the children’s faces say it all: “Thank you BarbeSkew for lighting up our lives!”

Ed Wray sits on the board of LOFA (Leisure & Outdoor Furniture Association).
A nomination to LOFA for a charity donation was made by both Ed Wray and BarbeSkew Director Carey Christoforou and was supported by LOFA. This donation of £5,000 from LOFA will make a world of difference to the family at Sue Hayward’s Happy House.

Sue Hayward and her husband Dave have now developed three schools putting 700 children into education and last year opened the Happy House which is now a safe haven for 54 lucky orphans or abandoned and abused children aged from a few months to 14.

Sue Hayward is a true inspiration to us all. She is completely dedicated to her cause and has now sold her bed & breakfast in Blackpool so she can concentrate all her time to her charity. If it wasn’t for her passion and drive these poor defenceless children wouldn’t stand a chance. She has given them something that they probably would never otherwise have had – a life filled with hope and a bright new future.

We take our hat off to Sue and her volunteers, as it must be far worse for them because they get to see at first hand the abuse and mess these poor children are left in.

To get a better understanding of just how horrific some of these cases of neglect are, we have listed below a couple case studies:


A little girl who was abandoned in such a shocking state, that not only was she seriously undernourished, but even worse she had burrowing fleas which were eating away at her fingers and toes. If it hadn’t been for Sue Hayward and her miracle workers finding her in time, this little girl would have had to have her fingers and toes amputated.

Harry, known as ‘The Little Miracle’:

Harry, the Happy House miracle, was found in a black plastic carrier bag dumped on a garbage tip in Malindi on June 26, 2010.
Newborn, at least eight weeks premature, Harry weighed just over 1.5kg. The umbilical cord was still attached and the placenta was in the bag with him.

Alerted to his plight by the children’s office, Sue immediately offered to meet all his medical costs and to provide formula milk, nappies and clothes for him and promised him a home for life when he was well enough to join her growing family.

Harry was a very poorly little boy and had to overcome jaundice and other problems before, at eight weeks, he reached 2kg and was able to go home to the Happy House.
In his first few months there were many worries for his health but by getting the best medical treatment on offer paid by funds coming from the Happy House, Harry overcame all his health worries.

Harry is now 16 months old, has eight teeth and is trying very hard to walk. He is an adorable little boy with the cutest dimples in the world.

Harry is an illustration of how even the most fragile wisp of life can survive, with the right help … and lots of love.

As with all abandoned babies entrusted to Sue through the courts, Harry takes the Hayward surname and she could choose a forename.

“Both my dad and my husband’s dad were called Harry, so I chose Harry, ’’ said Sue.
“Harry Hayward … a very Kenyan name!’’
Sue & Harry!

BarbeSkew will always continue to support Sue and the Happy House, and are hoping to raise more money in 2012 by selling even more BarbeSkews!!

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